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October 5 2023

URGENT: New Proposal for Foot/Bike Path Threatens our Neighborhood

IT HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION that a resident in Sycamore Woods has been communicating with the City of Glendale and LA County Public Works to request the creation of a “safer” route from Sycamore Woods to Crescenta Valley Park via a foot/bike path along the side of the Verdugo Wash in the Sycamore Woods and Whiting Woods neighborhoods.

City emails obtained by the VWNC show that the City and County have been working on this request for over a year and yet NO ONE residing along the wash in these areas has been notified, nor has the City contacted the Board at Save The Wash, which has been actively working for the residents that live in these neighborhoods for over two years.

This request has reached the desks of two City Mayors, the Glendale City Manager, the Deputy Director of Glendale Public Works, and numerous people at the Los Angeles County Public Works division and has been investigated by multiple staff at both entities.

How can one single resident get so many involved, spending time and taxpayer money, on a personal request, which communications show will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain, and yet our voices at Save the Wash, with signatures from over 800 residents adamantly against any development along the wash, are still being ignored?

Apparently, the City is playing favorites with one resident who supports their agenda to continue pursuing the Verdugo Wash Visioning project in our neighborhoods, possibly one section at a time, regardless of the wishes of the many who are opposed to such a project.

We also wonder why the City would even consider this request seeing as the Verdugo Wash Visioning project is still being pursued and, per City Staff emails, Measure M funding has been secured to improve pedestrian access from Sycamore Woods to CV park via Honolulu Avenue as part of the upcoming Public Works Honolulu Complete Streets project starting in 2024.

  • This waste of public employee time and taxpayer money, much of which comes from the residents that will be most affected along the Wash, is ridiculous considering the City of Glendale’s financial status to date.
  • There are much better uses for this money than a short path for the convenience of a few that have no consideration for the homeowners that have already voiced their opposition to any such project that intrudes on their safety and privacy.
  • In addition, the disruption to wildlife in the area will be significant. Many animals that utilize the wash, such as the bear family we have recently seen walking in the wash, and many deer, will be put at risk by more human activity along the path.

We will continue to monitor this situation and would greatly appreciate your input on this plan. We know there are some of you that love to stroll through our woods, but please consider that at times you are essentially trespassing on City, County and private property while walking alongside both front and back yards of neighbors who did not purchase their properties with any sort of adjacent public access in mind.

The VWNC will continue to address the City for recognition of our concerns and for inclusion on the project “stakeholders” group. We will also continue to keep all of you updated with any future developments.

Thank you for joining the VWNC and please help us continue to “spread the word” throughout our neighborhoods.

Bear Family walking the wash- April 2023
What Safety and Privacy?