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  • City of Glendale should use the money to clean up the City of Glendale instead of this project which is absolutely unnecessary
  • These are residential areas! We don’t want all of this in our backyards and neighborhoods. I don’t want graffiti, trash and people in our quiet neighborhood that don’t live here. It’s going to lead to homeless camps and increase in crimes in peaceful neighborhoods.
  • No to the wash in Whiting Woods
  • I am 1000% OPPOSED to this terrible plan.
  • Please save the wash!
  • I am a 3rd generation native of Glendale, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects – which places me in the top 3% of my profession, I have been engaged in water issues since being involved in the design of the Museums of Water & Life for the Metropolitan Water District.  I have served as the AIA liaison to the California Department of Water Resources, co-wrote a guideline for the reuse of water in buildings and am currently serving on the California Trout Southern California Advisory.
Most importantly, I am a resident who believes in the restoration of our local waterways.  People dismiss this vision by saying that these waters can never return to their original state.  The only river in California that is in its natural state is the Smith River near the Oregon border – however, California has many great examples of rivers that although altered, provide a natural experience and have great beauty.  When I first heard about this project, I was supportive.  However, my first concern was the selection of the consultant – The story that I heard was that staff passed up local consultants that have spent their careers studying these local waterways.  Local talent was not ‘creative enough’.  A high profile firm from New York, who come from a cold wet climate rather than a hot arid climate would of course refer to the Verdugo Wash as a scar and have no point of reference of this precious resource. As I reviewed the conceptual design presented, I was shocked to see that the design is based on covering the wash with a concrete cap – or as master of spin, Frank Gehry termed on his terrible intervention for the LA River, ‘a platform park’.  It was never in my wildest dream that adding a bike \/ walking path to the Verdugo Wash would be a design for a land grab and eliminate \/ tunnel the water in the wash. For decades people have bemoaned the concretization of these waterways, and imagined different ways of naturalizing them while maintaining the flood control purpose that they serve.  Schemes like what is planned for the Verdugo Wash are worse than what the army core of engineers did so many years ago.  At least what we currently have is a blank canvas where one can imagine what it could be.  By covering it – it disappears for our lifetimes.There is not money to enhance and maintain our current parks – how is building parks over the wash, where the maintenance costs will be unserviceable a good idea and a ‘creative’ idea from the consultant? I am very opposed to this project as currently designed.
  • We moved here 7 months ago for peace , tranquility . The city of Glendale should not be pushing this plan on our neighborhoods! A bike path is not needed as there are already existing bike paths & trails . This would increase crime , homeless access, fire danger, just to name a few ! This  is a bad idea ! Better to use the city’s new found money on street repair & updating our infrastructure !
  • I am opposed to the proposal for the reasons you have already set out.
  • I would say that perhaps the City should use the money to clean up Glendale as far as revamping the landscaping and all the  resurfacing the streets the freeways.    That would be more beneficial to the City of Glendale.
  • Crime ,the  homeless starting fires, traffic, wildlife effected by development.
  • I’d love a sign to put on my front yard—-the money just for the company from NY to draft the proposal could be better spent for traffic saftey in our neighborhoods. I’m concerned for the safety of myself and my neighbors, all of whom have back yards that are right above the proposed bike path. Concerned because they have kids and concerned for the safty of all of us. This should lame idea should have never gotten this far—ugh!!!!
  • We are completely opposed to this project.   We have lived in this area for 24 years.   Our kids have grown up here.    We certainly don’t want this quaint area turned into a crowded  location.    If this project moves forwarded, it will completely ruin what Whiting’ Woods is meant to be.
  • Whoever is behind this proposed plan obviously is not aware of the area.  We moved here specifically for the tranquility, safety, and close knit neighborhood feel.  These quality of life elements would be vastly corrupted by this senseless plan.  Looking forward to meeting these goofballs in person.
  • We strongly oppose the development plans of the path to come through Whiting Woods.  The things that they say it will bring does not apply to the Whiting Woods community.  Currently we already have everything that they say it would provide.  We also do not want to be connected and see many security risk by moving forward with it.
  • The project makes no sense and would cause many problems if implemented.  Am categorically against it.
  • We can guarantee that 4 out of 5 people in the City of Glendale have no idea of this plan. Love that comment!
  • i did not see address of safety concerns. no need for floods like 1934 or 1978. a runoff like we had in 2010 to 2022 period will be deadly for some cyclists. i think the main goal is to create a migration path for homeless migration from la river area in our neighborhoods
  • I’m not opposed to the idea of doing some sort of project, but I do think it important that concerns of those who live near the project be addressed. From what I can tell, this has not been done.
  • I am opposing the plan along the Verdugo Wash Project to maintain the security , serenity, and privacy.
  • I do not think this proposal is a good idea. I do not want changes to my neighborhood, the traffic, the wildlife, etc.
  • It’s hard for me to make a decision on this proposal.  I love bike paths, and revitalization projects, but I understand the hesitation.  I’m definitely not a NIMBY (Not in my Backyard) person, with that said, I have to respect the concerns of my neighbors.  I don’t like the argument about homelessness.  I don’t want homeless up here either, but we can’t let that prevent us from building infrastructure, and parks. There are laws on the books that prevent homeless from camping on bike paths, sidewalks, trespassing, drug use, urinating, feces, etc, but for some reason we fail to enforce these laws, leading to the destruction of public lands and property.  For that reason, I agree that this shouldn’t be built until our State and Local Governments show they are capable and have the resolve to enforce our laws.  This, like most other municipal projects, will likely be 40-50% over budget, and fall into disrepair after a few years.  So……it’s a big NO.
  • I have so many concerns. First and foremost, we purchased our home 19 years ago in Sycamore Woods, knowing that it was a quiet, quaint, safe, clean and beautiful neighborhood, Period! The home we purchased just happens to be right next to the wash. The proposed Verdugo Wash Visioning Project, about turning our back yards/wash into what your are trying to pass off as “good for the community” Who’s community? Who’s neighborhood? Certainly not my community or neighborhood…

    One question I have that jumps right out at me is, what if there is need for an ambulance, police officers, etc. How would they access the area to help anyone in need? How many access points will there be? What if the homelessness starts building up in ANY area of the wash, who is going to prevent it from happening and who is going to stop it? What if the crime continues to creep up, how will it be addressed?

    Who is going to pick up the litter, dog poop, anything left behind from people that just won’t care.. Who will empty the trash cans? Who will clean up any seating? Who will pay for all of this “new” activity? How much lighting will there be? I certainly don’t want to look out by backyard and see it all lit up. What about our amazing wildlife? This will certainly disrupt them greatly. Everything related to it will cost money for continued up keep forever… What is the guarantee it will be safe, it will be kept clean, it will be what you are promising? This will allow anyone coming from anywhere, not just Glendale-La Crescenta neighbors. It’s not “their” neighborhood it will be affecting, it is my neighborhood, my neighbors, my family, my friends neighborhoods. We are not asking for this to be brought in so someone who is building it, or creating the designs etc can make money off of it. Once the contractors, builders and anyone else needed to build this are done with their jobs… they will move back to their neighborhood community and they won ‘t look back. oh, all this for 2 billion dollars?

    I am firmly against this!!

  • People cause fires !  During rainy season the flood channels are opened & drain into the wash, all the plants in the wash will be washed away plus whatever decoration.
  • This proposed bike path would literally be feet behind our home. We would surely lose the very reason we bought our home – for the tranquility of living in this canyon. The path will certainly change the dynamics of our tranquil neighborhood. I understand some people in Glendale support the path but I wonder if it ran feet from their home would they be supportive?  The path should not run through an entirely residential neighborhood that is considered by the fire department to be an extreme fire danger. Parking to access the path would create serious parking and traffic issues.  Where is the funding for maintenance of the amenities?  Trash, gardening, and lighting will all need to be maintained. How can police adequately patrol the path if cars are not allowed?  At night there is a potential for it to be a haven for those seeking to be beyond the view of the law. Our homes will be vulnerable to break-in and many other safety issues. Another concern is the expanding transient population that may set up camp.  Homelessness breaks my heart and something needs to be done to help these people, but I also realize many choose to be homeless, perhaps because of addiction or mental illness.  The path has the potential to be a desirable location for the homeless. Why not direct the monies to address homeless and humanitarian needs? The City should reconsider having it run from CV Park south.  A better idea is from Verdugo Park south where there is adequate parking and avoids a strictly residential neighborhood. Let’s make sure the powers that be know where we stand!
  • To Whom It May Concern:    I have owned my home on Sycamore Ave, since 1965. My children used to play in the wash and catch frogs there when they were growing up. Living in this lovely, peaceful, quiet part of Montrose-Glendale has been wonderful,  The thought of the wash being converted into a bike path would serve no use to this area, It has been said that there will be lighting, picnic tables, and rest rooms there and I am afraid that this would attract homeless people which could bring many problems. Many of my neighbors back yards are right against the wash and they would have no privacy. PLEASE, if you would, consider starting this below Shirley Jean, There would be parking there for the bikers, not on Oakendale , Ramsdell, and Sycamore where we have a huge problem with parking now. There are so many things that we need much more then this. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the city would have bought Verdugo Hills Golf Course, It was such a wonderful place for family fun.
  • This is a ridiculous idea that is going to be a disaster given the climate change that will result in more flooding and damage to the area. With the growing number of homelessness in Los Angeles county, this will also bring in more crime to this weekend. I highly recommend the city we consider and veto this project.
  • My family and I do not want strangers parking on our street and causing traffic congestion, looking into our windows, leaving trash on our streets as well as disturbing the peace and graffiti on the walls of the wash.  We are fully against this project and do not the additional people in our nice neighborhood.
  • I am vehemently opposed to the proposed wash. It would bring transients into the neighborhood that would pose problems in the form of trash, fire hazard in an already high risk  environment, homeless shelters to name a few.   It would make more sense to start the project at Shirley Jean Ave.
  • This is a misguided NIMBY effort. The wash is not currently some beautiful perfect fixture. History has reflected that the LA River and similar channels are better of re-natured and with amenities, rather than rough concrete. This sounds like people who want to travel to the Rose Bowl to hike and put costs on everyone else, rather than enjoy any accessibility or change close to home. I support wash construction, and would advise residents to get on the right side of history by asking for improvements to the plan, not stoppage. Help build something better rather than insisting everything remain the same.
  • The City has not exercised transparency with this project nor have they volunteered  information to the neighborhoods who will be significantly impacted!  The project was started under the radar without any due diligence to elicit community input.
  • I am NOT in favor of the proposed bike path. I attended two neighborhood meetings. And most people were not even aware of the plans.  No one even asked the neighbors along the wash what they thought before rendering plans. We already have bike paths in place along. Honolulu Ave. I think this will invite crime and homeless encampments and a place for people to loiter., do drugs and the  I believe the cost printed  is underestimated,


  • The Master Bicycle Plan was put in place to give the residents of Glendale and visitors a safe passage through all areas of Glendale promoting safe alternatives to automobile travel and to open up access to downtown Glendale with access to the Los Angeles river trail. From my understanding, an experimental street plan to reduce the size of Honolulu Ave, La Cresenta Ave, Canada Ave down to 2 lanes with bicycle lanes was met with so much resistance from the motoring public the whole idea was scrapped. Now we have this as an alternative plan for a wash corridor. I understand the residents concerns of trail access adjacent issue which could come with opening this up this city/county property, but this plan could offer safe activity for thousands of Glendale families with children and viable alternative transportation for residence without cars.
    I say move forwards in the plan, but please address the concerns of the residences who would be most impacted by this project.
  • My concerns are based on conservation data.  Where might we find these?  As one who has been on the High Line in NYC, it is an amazing feat and is well planned.  Seeing no discussions planned by the City of Glendale, and not using a local design firm, bothers me greatly. A local firm, fully vetted, should work with the principals. When Public Works cares more about the plants on a parkway and is not monitoring planting of residents in violation of planting policies,  how the heck will they monitor the wash?  The city is incapable of monitoring this project.  BVC
  • I agree with the concerns brought up by the VWNC.  I am against the project.  (I think the VWNC website is superb.)
  • I strongly agree that the City proposal for Verdugo Wash should not be approved.
Please do not destroy our community. I moved here tears ago to escape Los Angeles development
Have the proper environmental studies been done for the impact of this path? There are many Oaks and California Sycamore protected trees along the path in proximity to the wash. Would the construction and then use of the path impact these protected trees? Is there other wildlife that should be investigated?    Has the coalition considered retaining a lawyer to examine and challenge some of the proposal?    I can’t dedicate myself to be a volunteer at this time, but I’d like to help however I can.    Thanks!
Living on Park Vista Dr., I was surprised by the total lack of community outreach regarding this project.   I oppose the project because of all of the stated reasons.  I would also like to know how our homeowners insurance will be affected.  A lot of homeowners have lost their insurance this last year due to being in a fire area.   I can only imagine this project will make it more difficult to keep our insurance and if we do get to keep it, at what cost.  Thank you for taking this on.
This project is a bad idea for so many reasons, greatest of all is the negative impact it will have on those of us who live directly along the wash in terms of noise, litter, vandalism, graffiti and loss of privacy. The fact that the City did not notify anybody along the wash, let alone most of the City’s residents, about this project speaks volumes. The public outreach was aimed towards those groups who already supported this project.
  • While I’ve read the entire text on this issue and appreciate the idea of an area for recreation this is a waste of money – there are more pressing issues in Glendale that impact the environment and it’s residents ! More cons then pros moreover spend funds to address other Glendale issues – Start limiting building and density- save our mountains- decrease the fast driving and noise pollution- beatification with trees and vegetation as a start – educate the public on their personal impact on the environment.
  • I’m shocked to read about this terrible plan. I would NEVER say yes to it! The neighborhood is doing just great with some nuts trying to upend it.
    I vote NO-NO-NO-NO.
  • Do not want strangers having access to my backyard. Right now the floor of the wash is 20 feet below the top of the wall. Their proposal would raise the bikeway to within 5 feet. I would not feel safe where someone could hop the wall 8bto my backyard. The other problem would be the noise level.
  • Some people have come out against the project without letting the process proceed to see how neighbors’ concerns and any negative impacts are mitigated.  They really need to understand this is in the early, early stages to see what people want.  Of course many questions cannot yet be answered at this stage till a plan is devised after a feasibility study is done.  I for one, am in favor of the concept.  The concrete wash with chain link fence is an eyesore, in my opinion.  I’ve seen conceptional designs and I see it as a plus and added value to properties.  Of course, neighbors concerns must be addressed satisfactorily.  While I do not live on property abutting the Wash, if I did, I’d support the concept.  People need to see what it can be and get all studies done so all questions can be answered before making up one’s mind.
  • I have floor to ceiling windows that face the wash, I can see into the wash as well as anyone in the wash can see into my living room….not good!  I have seen the wash get water 2 or 3 feet from the top of the wash during rain.  Has anyone checked into this?    Having a bike trail makes no sense when we have ample roads to bike on plus all the wonderful mountain trails we have.    Their are residential homes all along this area.  Do not include this area as a bike path.
  • While recreational facilities are always a plus, this particular plan as it stands has significant negative impact on nearby neighborhoods and the Verdugo Mountains, not the least of which is fire danger.  Please consider altering the plan to end at the Verdugo Wash Basin.    .
  • My worries are  crime, fire, drug use, traffic, parking, homeless camps, home values. Not wanted in this neighborhood
  • NO, NO. THIS IS TOTALLY ABSURD, We are not going to sacrificed for some of city people who would get profit out of this project. it will create more crime and more chaos to our quiet area. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!
  • please DO NOT RUIN the nature, it is a beautiful sanctuary for wild animal as well as the people surrounding it. Just don’t understand the notion of this poor proposal. totally NONSENSE!!!!
  • It would ruin the community
  • Do not want strangers having access to my backyard. Right now the floor of the wash is 20 feet below the top of the wall.    Their proposal would raise the bikeway to within 5 feet.    I would not feel safe where someone could hop the wall 8bto my backyard.    The other problem would be the noise level.
  • I don’t agree with Verdugo Wash Visioning project idea because it has a negative impact on my neighborhood’s privacy.
  • I’m happy to see this organization formed.  Please put me on your mailing list.