Impact to Property Owners

The hidden impact on adjacent property owners

The Verdugo Wash Visioning plan will impact individual property owners along the wash in multiple ways. The impact to property values is being researched, as it is clear that it will be significant. The question is: How much will property values decline as a result of a public bicycle and pedestrian path in your backyard? There is also the question of the bicycle path’s effect on homeowner insurance.

Just a few Value Loss Considerations

  • Increased noise next to backyards
  • Increased crime in neighborhoods
  • Increased risk of fire hazard due to public access to areas where the risk is very high
  • Increased cost of homeowner insurance due to increased risk of crime and fire hazard

The Verdugo Wash Neighborhoods Coalition is also conducting research related to the legal recourse to the City of Glendale for creating an unsafe environment directly next to our homes. If the project proceeds the city will likely be guilty of creating an Inverse Condemnation condition.

INVERSE CONDEMNATION is a legal concept that entitles property owners to just compensation if their property is damaged by public use.

Value Loss is Damage!

Cigarette Fire