Loss of Privacy

Verdugo Wash Runs Right Through Back Yards

The Verdugo Wash runs through quiet, suburban neighborhoods and, in many cases, directly behind homes, with some just a few feet away. The proposed trail design would allow users to peer into these properties, compromising homeowner privacy.

Light trespass from possible nighttime trail lighting, along with noise from trail-users, would also negatively impact nearby residents.

It has also been mentioned that parking and restroom facilities may be built at access points along the trail, such as in the area at the south end of New York Avenue near Crescenta Valley Park. 

A trail such as this would only create an influx of people in our quiet suburbs. Opening the wash to pedestrians and cyclists all hours of the day and night would definitely change the peaceful nature of our neighborhoods; this peaceful nature is the very reason most nearby homeowners chose to live where they do.

Important questions:

    1. What entity will be responsible for policing the trail and who will be funding it?
    2. How, and how often, will dog waste and other trash be collected along the trail?
    3. With homes so close to the proposed trail, what measures will be taken prevent  users from tossing litter into nearby properties?
    4. How will the city regulate the noise levels along the path?
    5. Will there be established hours for trail use or will it be open 24/7?
    6. Will there be lighting along the trail for nighttime use?
    7. What entity will be responsible for maintaining any restroom facilities along the trail?
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