The Oakmont Golf Course Problem

A Hazard in the Making

The Verdugo Wash runs directly through the Oakmont Golf Course, located in northern Glendale.

The Oakmont Country Club has been an integral part of the city of Glendale since its opening of the Clubhouse and the first 9 holes of the golf course in 1924. Ten years later, the Oakmont Golf Course suffered great damage as a result of the New Year’s Day flood in 1934. The Country Club welcomed the concrete lining of the Verdugo Wash in 1937 as it provided insurance against future flooding and damage.

The Country Club is opposed to a bicycle/pedestrian path running directly through their golf course as it would greatly increase their insurance liability in the case that a trail-user is hit with an errant golf ball or is injured within the boundaries of the country club property.

Without the path running through the golf course, how do you connect the Verdugo Wash path between the neighborhoods north and south of the golf course?

It’s not possible, unless:

  • trail-users exit the Wash and use busy streets to bypass the golf course
  • a tunnel is built under the golf course
  • a bridge is built over the golf course
  • Safety issues would prevent the first option from becoming a reality while cost issues would make the second two options unrealistic as well.

    The VWNC feels that this is an untenable situation and this issue alone should put an end to the Verdugo Wash Visioning project.

    (For more historical info on the Oakmont Country Club, click here: 90th (