Fire Threats to the Verdugo Wash Area

Verdugo Wash Project Inconsistent with LA County Standards​

Many of the neighborhoods adjacent to the Verdugo Wash are in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (VHFHSZ), per California’s office of State Fire Marshal.

In a 2017 article from the CV Weekly Newspaper, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was quoted as saying “We are worried about the fire hooking to the southeast into Glendale and working its way up from there. The Whiting Woods area is a place of thick brush and that’s an area where you have the brush right there with homes, quite expensive homes. We also have, on the other end of the spectrum, people who live in encampments who are in this area and, of course, we’re going to be putting all of our resources into making sure that unhoused Angelenos and others who may have been living in some of these canyons, that we make sure they are okay and make sure they get the help that they need as well.”

The Development Standards prepared for Los Angeles county by Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW), recommend strict limits on developments, even for a single family use, with emphasis on fire hazard mitigation and emergency vehicle access-related considerations.

(see CPAW Recommendations to reduce fire risk for existing neighborhoods)

The Verdugo Wash bike path plan proposes the public use of land in areas directly behind single family homes, without direct access to any public road for emergency vehicles or fire engines, which is in direct contrast with the INTENT and SPIRIT of these standards, thus endangering the lives and property of local residents.

Glendale is in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone

From the map below, you can see much of the areas near the Verdugo Wash are in a very high fire severity zone.

Click on the link below to zoom into the fire severity map for your specific area. The GIS maps are put out by the State of California’s Protection’s Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP):

Wildfire Hazard Exposure

Wildfire likelihood in this part of town is the highest in the area, per USDA Wildfire Risk to Communities:

Risk to Homes

Homes located in the vicinity of the wash and on nearby hillsides are in direct risk of wildfire hazard per the USDA Wildfire Risk to Communities map (see link below).